Therefore we must give the more earnest heed to the things we have heard, lest we drift away. Hebrews 2:1

The warning in this verse is so key, I have seen what it can do if you do not heed it.

We are told to give more earnest heed (in other translations, it says ‘take seriously’) to the things we have heard lest we drift away. The things we have heard refers to the word / the good news / the message of salvation.

The word ‘drift’ stood out to me … Here is why:

The definition of drift is when something is carried away slowly by a current of air or water. For example a balloon drifting in to the sky. When something drifts it tends not to have control. When you think of the action of drifting, you rarely associate that movement with purpose or intention because whatever is drifting is carried by whatever surrounds it. We can’t afford to just be carried because Peter 5:8 tells us to be sober and alert because the enemy prowls around like a lion looking for whom to devour.

We can avoid being at the mercy of the enemy by taking earnest heed. So we need to stop being passive and nonchalant. E.g. It is extremely easy to think “I hear the message in church every Sunday, I don’t need to do my own personal bible studies everyday.” Yet, although you go to your uni/school lectures everyday you still think it is vital set time aside to revise. Why? Because you take your exams and education seriously. How much more with the word of God that will do what your education cannot.

A great example is someone falling asleep on a boat for a night without tying it to the shore. When that person wakes up he is going to wonder where he is because it is highly likely that the boat will have drifted pretty far. If the person took seriously their safety, they would take actions to ensure they did not drift. This is how we wake up from spiritual slumber and wonder where we are with God. Such a dangerous place to be because you don’t know what has happened while you have been asleep.
“Whilst men slept, the enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away.” (Matt 13:25)

One thing I have learnt is that this walk with Christ is NOT passive. You will not be carried to heaven, you will need to get up and walk with Christ. It sounds cliche but the less time we spend with God and in the word the easier we will find it to sin. We become increasingly tolerant of the things that contradict the word until we are in a really bad place and wonder how we get there.


We need to actively ensure our surroundings are Godly by spending time with Him, in the word and in fellowship with like minded people. Otherwise our sinful nature takes over.

I pray that if you are experiencing drifting that you wake up and take charge of your spiritual life. Seek God diligently! You can’t regret it.

The next part of this chapter talks about why Jesus had to be human.

I would like to point out that verse 7 refers to psalm 8 which talks about Jesus being made lower than angels. The word angels should actually say Elohim, which is God. This was a mistranslation due to lack of understanding. If you grab a study bible and check your concordance, you will see that it also says Elohim. This is because Jesus was made human and humans are lower than God but remember humans are ‘higher’ than angels.

Jesus had to be human so that he could be the appropriate high priest. To redeem us He needed to become one of us. The blood of an animal would not suffice. It is also important so that he could go through what we go through. Eg. He was tempted like we are. Now no one can say God does not understand because He does. He understands your struggles, pains and temptations because He went through them too. Yet He overcame them. He was fully human, so if He could we can. However, just because he was human does not mean He was no longer God, but that is why we have the Holy Spirit. The God that raised Himself from the dead lives inside of us. We basically have no excuse. It is possible to live as Jesus did!! He had to come as a human in order to pave the way for the rest of humanity. So thankful that He did!

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