“Dear Diary God… ”

Yup, there’s times when I dedicate a set time aside to be in God’s presence and I get nothing, absolutely nothing loool. It’s as if your speaking to a stranger and you must ask them questions to get to know them such as “who are you” or “where are you from?”. At times, we can feel disconnected and it can be a struggle to speak to God directly from our mouth. Don’t get me wrong, other times we can spend hours and hours alone just voicing out our emotions to God and being soaked in his presence, however I realised that those times for me, were not to frequent at all.

Speaking to God is personal, it’s not about who can do the longest prayer, or who prays the loudest or who prays with the most vim (If you go to African churches then you could probably relate to this!) it’s just about a personal message that you would want to deliver to God either through words or even just through a thought in your head.

As I like to read poetry, or listen to spoken word I realised that these thoughts of these poems all had to be written down at some point, right? So, I pondered to myself if I struggle to voice out my deepest fears and thoughts to God why don’t I put it on paper. It started with prayer topics for me. When I prayed, I made a list in my head of all the things I need to tell God about, sometimes it would be such a long list that I would end up forgetting some and not praying about them at all, so I then went to my phone (the notes app) and jotted all my topics there as a list so I could go through each one of them individually with God. Now that wasn’t a bad idea however I started to refrain from using my phone whilst praying as I wanted to dedicate my absolute self to God without any distractions- which was the phone itself.

So, I thought why don’t I just write my prayers down on paper. That way it will be straight from the mind and I could just write out my feelings without saying it aloud which I felt uncomfortable with doing at the time. Think of it as a diary; in a diary you write down everything that happened in the day and you take the time out to reflect to yourself. Bible / Prayer journaling is the same thing, only that you are reflecting to God about your day or any issues that may appear in your life. At first, I started to doubt myself about how this would work. I thought to myself; is this a legit way of praying? Am I avoiding physically talking to God? Is this journaling even a form of prayer? But I realised that God listens to us in many ways and it doesn’t always have to be verbally, it can be through your thoughts or words on paper. Remember God is all knowing, he knows your heart, your needs and your desires already. Whatever the struggle you may be going through, God always understands. However, never completely neglect the verbal aspect because the bible tells us that the tongue is powerful and there truly is something powerful and uplifting about speaking aloud your prayers.

I guess the best part about prayer journaling is that you can look back at all the answered prayers you have received. It’s like a record of God’s unfailing love. When you have received an answered prayer, look back to the week or day you wrote that request down for it and use that as a testimony and reassurance that the God who did it before can do it again. It will stimulate your faith in many ways.


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