It would be heartbreaking to reach the end of your life and realise you have done a lot of ‘THINGS’ but NOTHING to show for it. This category has articles that will help you to be more fruitful with your time! Time to get productive..

When your face is not beat and your body isn’t perfect, what do you have left?

What are you saying?

Who is listening?

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I remember when I was 12 and I got a make up item for my birthday. I was the happiest child alive at that point. I think it was an eye shadow palette, but I just remember being ecstatic. I had a big party for my 12th birthday and the day after I was going through my presents. I was just about to open the make up and my mum flips the script and tells me I’m not having it. I thought she was speaking another language. In fact, she actually got the palette and threw it in the bin. It wasn’t the bin in the house, but the bin outside the house. At that moment I actually thought she was on power trip. I laugh now at the response of a Nigerian mother who didn’t want her baby to grow up too fast. Fast forward, I’m 26 and I can wear make up when I want but my concern is somewhere else now.

Everyday as women, we see beautiful faces, and perfect bodies – welcome to the selfie generation. We are in a time where the channels to be seen are numerous.

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We have access to facilities, resources and services to basically look how we like, but you have something more precious that you can’t afford to lose today, especially as a woman of faith. It’s worth more than a make up a palette.

My mentor said something and it never left me. He simply said “Your life is message. Your life is an example or a lesson.” Whether we like it or not our lives are messages and they speak to someone. I’ve heard celebrities say things like ,“I’m not a role model”, but to be honest I believe none of us have a choice in whether we are role models or not. Scopes and platforms of influence vary but someone is looking at you and me.

We all have a responsibility.

We are all giving someone an excuse or a reason.

I believe the thing that will separate you in this time and keep you relevant is this: your voice. Your voice is worth more than your appearance. By voice I don’t just mean audible sound. Your voice is how you impact. Your voice is what you’re known for. Your voice is what your life is saying as message. We have to ask ourselves as women what do we want to be known for and then does our life currently fit that?

Matthew 5:16 says “….let your life shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Your voice is also how Jesus is glorified through your life. I believe that there are at least 3 things you need to think about in regards to your voice:

1. Your voice is the problem you strive to solve

People remember those who helped them solve a problem. People remember those who make things easier and better for them. There are people who do nothing, people who complain about others doing nothing and then those who decide to do something – the problem solvers. Wherever Jesus went he solved a problem and attended to a need. He wasn’t the type to just ‘fill pews’ as some people are described as today. Even when he stopped to rest he didn’t let an opportunity pass him by. We can ask the Samaritan woman at the well (please refer to John 4:1-42). Where do you fit in? You may not have the answer to world starvation right now but look closer to home.

What problem are you solving?

What solutions do you bring problems within your family, your workplace/career, your business, your local community?

2. Your voice is what you give 

Acts 9:36-43 speaks of woman who contributed. Her name was Dorcas and she looked after the women that some would have forgotten about, the widows. When she became ill and died, those widows appealed to Peter the Apostle because Dorcas was a woman who gave and who was needed. Who are you giving to? We can give when an opportunity arises, but it is another thing when intentionally you look for areas to be a blessing. Giving is not just about finances, but it can be about giving your time, expertise, your space, your resources and anything else of value. Out of what you have what are you giving intentionally? Think about a person, an organisation or cause in need of help. Could you make a commitment to contribute?

Proverbs 11:24-25 says “One person gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty. A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”

3. Your voice is who you empower

When I hear the word empower, weirdly I picture a warrior who is old and who has fought many battles. I see him giving his well used weapons and tools to someone else for their first battles. Who are you giving your tools to? I totally believe that one of the reasons why you have rough times in life is because you can make it is easier for someone who is behind you. Who are you giving your knowledge to? Who are you showing the way? Write down 2 people you could be pouring into. My mentor says “the greatest investment to make in a life is in a life.”

The Bible reads “The memory of the righteous is blessed, but the name of the wicked will rot” (Proverbs 10:7 NKJ). Those who empower will never be forgotten.

I hope you don’t think I’m a joy-kill or I don’t care about my appearance. I certainly do care! (I love faux fur jackets actually lool.) Should we look good? Yes. Do I feel myself sometimes? Yes. However, don’t trade that in for your voice. The cost is too high.


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Slowly but surely, we are approaching 2019! I don’t know about you all, but the first half of the year for me was filled with some amazing days of fruitfulness, getting loads done, and other days of erm, not being so fruitful…

Being on maternity leave at the moment I’ve found that I have a lot more time, but it feels like I’m constantly busy. Now if you’ve been following Cocoon Blogs for a while now, you will know that busyness does not necessarily equate to fruitfulness. I realised this, and have spent the past few months evaluating my headspace and activities to ensure that I remain fruitful, and not just busy. So how did I do that?

Below are some of the questions I’ve asked myself that are helping me live a life of fruitfulness.

Am I spending Quality Time with God?

Quite often when we go through a busy stint most of us are tempted to skip quiet time (or maybe shorten it just a little) and get straight into our to do lists and tasks for the day. I’ve been guilty of this! Toying with the idea that if I hit my to do list as soon as the day begins I will be more fruitful. The idea that if I can start ticking tasks off before I’ve left bed makes me super woman…it’s a lie! The best way you can start your day is simply by meeting with God first. John 15:5 tells us clearly that fruitfulness starts by being intimately connected to Christ. Scripture regularly speaks of Jesus going away to pray before dawn [before everyone else was awake, before people began to make demands on his time, before he began his tasks for the day].


“I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing. John 15:5

Being a new Mum has meant that I’ve had to tweak my morning quiet time routine significantly because my princess usually wakes up before I get a chance to have quiet time. So during those first few moments of her waking up [around 4am, 5am, or 6am plus the other night wakings lol!] I play some worship music, meditate on the verse of the day, pray out loud (with Moriah) and commit the day to God. Later on in the morning once she’s gone back to sleep I will go back and spend some more time in prayer and studying. In the days where I’ve skipped quiet time or not connected with God nothing fruitful ever really comes from it, apart from me ending up flustered with a void in my heart that only God can fill. Filling yourself up on time in God’s presence is absolutely key when it comes to living in a way that is pleasing to God. Sounds slightly contradictory right? But I can confidently say that if you are full of some thing good, you generally won’t have room for anything that isn’t good. Staying connected to God is essential to fruitful living, whether you’re a student, employee, an entrepreneur, a mum, whatever you are; stay connected to the true vine and in him you will be fruitful.


Is this disturbing my peace? 

I’m sure we’ve all experienced a time in our lives where we have been worried, anxious or frustrated about a particular situation.

When this has occurred in my own life I’ve often allowed myself to get so fixated on the issue that I neglect other more important things. When my peace is disturbed my productivity becomes limited, and my fruitfulness is hindered. In this season if there is anything that disturbs my peace I speak to my Heavenly Father, hand it over to him and then look for practical things that are within my power to appropriately respond to these sometimes discouraging situations. If it is beyond me, I leave it in my prayer closet and trust that as I cast my cares onto God he cares enough about me to work it out for my good. Are there things disturbing your peace that you need to deal with? Do so ASAP and get your peace back! Peace is the presence of God in our hearts in any situation. When we acknowledge and depend on His presence fruitfulness is a natural by product.

Does this push me towards my goals and ultimately my purpose?

The definition of success based on scriptural principles is fulfilling the assignment that the Lord sent us to earth to carryout [purpose].

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During my maternity leave I have had a number of opportunities – courses, people to meet, projects to engage in etc many of which I’ve turned down. Some of these opportunities have been sooo good, but when I look at where I am going they don’t fit in. They would be fun for the season and look good on paper, but they were not in line with destiny, so the time commitment and effort it would require of me would not be justified. Instead I’ve used this season to connect with people going in the same direction as me, I have skilled myself in areas that will assist me in my journey. This is not always enjoyable, but it has been very necessary in developing discipline, and consistency in me as well as other practical skills.

In order to be fruitful it is important for us to be so in tune with God that we know what things he would have us focus on in the season that we are in. When we know where we are going in life and what we have been called to, we will begin to edit our day to day activities to prioritise walking in purpose. Fruitfulness is found, not just by going with the flow, or doing whatever pops up, but in intentional daily living.


Be encouraged you are already more fruitful that you probably would have imagined. Make a daily commitment to connect with God more deeply than ever before and watch how you blossom.


If there is one thing I hate, it is getting out of bed in the morning!  While I am grateful to be awake every morning, I’m just not that bubbly morning person. This means I spend a lot of time hitting the good old snooze button which of course makes me late!

Not a good look! So I have explored various ways to help me save time in the mornings and these 3 have worked the best for me so far and I wanted to share them with you…

The most vital tip and the basis of the first 2 points is to … START THE NIGHT BEFORE!

Yep, you need to start your day from the day before to put you in the best position to have a day filled with productivity. “So what kind go things should I do the night before”, I hear you ask..

Get your outfit in check 

Yes, that’s right, get your clothes ready the night before. I try to do this particularly for work, this way I avoid faffing about in the mornings looking for something to wear. It takes more time than you think, trust me. And no don’t try to take a shortcut and just plan the outfit in your head, actually take it out of your wardrobe and hang it on your wardrobe handle.  Seriously, if you plan it in your head, I bet you won’t find that turtle neck you planned to wear in the morning or the skirt you really wanted to pair it with is still in your laundry basket. Planning it avoids those annoying surprises which take up our precious minutes in the morning. 

I would also include packing your bag the night before. I tend to use the same bag during the week, so I will check through it to ensure everything I need is in there and reorganise the contents.

Bonus: Try planning your outfit for the whole week!

Image Credit: Shirley B. Eniang

Do not just think about what you need to get done , WRITE IT DOWN!

Write out your to-do list the night before and where possible put the most important tasks first in your schedule. 

This way you can review the day you have just had and accurately plan for the next day. 

I find that doing this the night before makes me more objective as I could wake up the next day and not feel like doing anything, but because I have written it down I am more inclined to. It is a great way to keep yourself accountable.

Putting the most important or most difficult tasks at the start of your day ensures that you have already accomplished them before you have even got going. That way any distractions or procrastination doesn’t have such a blow on your productivity.  I know that if I start the day without having my quiet time with God and going to the gym, the likelihood of it happening later in the day is really quite low.

The Fruitful Life Planner 

Time your shower-time! 

If you are anything like me, you may take AGES in the shower and loose track of time! It happens to me all the time no matter how much I tell myself I am going to be quick. So, I found a solution! I bought a small waterproof clock which is stuck on my shower wall and honestly, it has helped me loads. Being able to see the time helps to me to be more realistic. I used to get in the shower and think I have been in there fore 5 minutes but it has really been 20! Not the best discovery when you are running late! So now I give my self a time limit and it is so much easier to stick to when you can actually see the time.

Do you have any other tips that could help us save time in the mornings? Share them in the comments below! Don’t forget to come back and let us know how you get on incorporating these tips into your routines..

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A few days ago (15 Jan 2018) was ‘Blue Monday’. Never heard of it? Well, this is the name typically given to the third Monday in January and it is said to be the most depressing day of the year! Why? Because most people would have failed or even given up on their new year resolutions. We are about igniting Fruitfulness in the lives of all our readers, so we want you to smash all your new year resolutions. I hate setting the same resolutions year after year so I am really passionate about putting strategies in place so that I can put a big fat satisfying tick next to all my goals by the end of the year.

Hopefully, you are now settled into 2018 and back into the swing of things. (Took me a good few days!) So how are you doing so far?

Why not read on and check against our 4 indicators that you are on track for a fruitful year…

1. You reflected on 2017 

And I don’t mean you just uploaded a bunch on pics/vids from 2017 onto Snapchat (Am I the only one who thinks that’s incredibly annoying lol?) What I mean by ‘reflect’ is critically analyse! Ask all the questions and be honest with yourself..What went well? What didn’t go well? What did you achieve? How did you achieve it? What didn’t you achieve?  Why didn’t you achieve it? What did you wish you did more of? Did you do things that mattered? Did you spend time with people you love? How did your circle help you this year? How did you help them? Do you need a new circle? Is this goal really God’s plan for me? I could go on… but you get the picture? These are the kinds of questions I ask myself. And you should write them down so they sink in and so that you can go back and read your answers. If you don’t know what was good and bad in your year how can you make adjustments in the new year?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

If you didn’t do this, it is not too late. Get out a notebook or your notes app and get to writing!


2. You have a plan for 2018 (AND YOU HAVE ACTUALLY WRITTEN IT DOWN)

Most people have goals and aspirations. But most people do not write them down. We always write down important things, so why on earth do most of us not write out our goals?! Did you know people who write out their goals earn up to 10 times more than those who do not according to a Forbes report based on a study done by Harvard. Now, I am not basing the meaning of success or fruitfulness on how much you earn. BUT to earn up to 10 times more than your peers suggests you must be doing something right!

Once you have it written down, you need to go back review it every once in a while. I would say at least once a month. I have got to the end of a year once and as I was reflecting I was like, “omd, I didn’t even remember I had that goal.” Needless to say, that was not one of my achieved goals at that time. I could have avoided this by revisiting my goals regularly.

A great way I find to do this is to create a Vision Board for the year! A pictorial representation of your goals. Hang it somewhere you can see it! The more focused you are on your goals the more likely you are to recognise opportunities to achieve them and take action.

Remember that your goal is not a plan! The goal is the destination… what you need to do to get there is the plan. What actions will you take to reach that destination? Be specific. For example; if your goal is to save £5000 you need to write exactly how much you are going to save weekly/monthly, where the money is going to come from, whether you are using a bank account or a piggy bank and what your deadline is.

My honest advice for those with goals that seem beyond their reach is to start with what you have and do what you can; the rest will follow! Take it one step at a time. If your goal scares you then you are on the right track sis!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

3. You have a planner (or equivalent) to help you execute that plan!

As a self-confessed stationery addict, I love paper and the feel of physically writing things down. It is therapeutic and clears my head.. I think a lot of you would agree? Not only that, it also forces you to be intentional. I use our Fruitful Life Planner because it literally has everything I need on one page and it gives me a fresh page each day!

This planner helps to break down those goals and actions into day to day tasks when used properly.

Now if you are not into paper and stationery like that then… YOU REALLY NEED TO GET INTO IT! Lool no but seriously, you can make use of apps you already have on your phone;

– Notes
– Reminders
– Calendar

The alerts that you can set on the Reminders and Calendar Apps are super useful, in fact, I actually use them in conjunction with my planner.

Also, if you like using planners but hate carrying them about, you can take a picture f the page you need and then go about your day!

“Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing.”

4. You will have arranged accountability.

Sometimes we need help with motivation! And a lot of the time we need someone to check in with to ensure we are still moving towards the goals. It is so easy to just sit on a goal but not when you have accountability. This can be anyone who cares about you and will challenge you.. you mum, a friend, mentor, pastor, uncle, aunty – just ask!

Since our Vision Board Party in December, we had a lot of people ask about some sort of accountability programme. So I am starting a FREE online group where we can share tips, ideas, encouragement, progress and create a cute accountability network. I would also be providing free monthly reflection printables exclusively to members of the group.  If you would be interested please email us ay or DM me just to register your interest and I can add you once it is all set up!

“Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results.”


Were you able to say ‘DONE’ to all the above ? If so, celebrate in the comments! If not, tell us below what it is you need to do!

Wishing you all a Fruitful 2018! xx

“We are called to be fruitful, NOT BUSY.”

When I first heard this, it gripped me! If I had a pound for every time I used the word ‘busy’ I’d probably be a millionaire by now.. But I’m not. And that’s because my busy did not produce fruit. There was a lot of activity but not a lot of productivity. I decided to make a change and ensure there was real tangible results from all the hustle bustle of life.


Here are 3 ways the Fruitful Life Planner has changed my life: 


Have you ever been to an event / seminar or even church and left feeling so on top of the world, so full of life, so inspired and motivated …. ?

Yeah, me too! 

A few days later though?

Let’s be real.. it often dies down. 

Imagine if you could feel that same zeal that you feel right after a inspirational event everyday! Imagine how much you could get done.

Motivation / Inspiration is like our fuel to get things done! Imagine a car only getting petrol once every few months. That must mean the car isn’t really going many places, right? This year more than anything I have learnt that us humans need motivation DAILY. 

And I try to get this a few ways, prayer & bible study (pls don’t skip this one, if there is no God in what you are doing, there is no fruit regardless!) and listening to motivational messages on YouTube and Periscope. But the quickest and easiest thing I do is  reading and meditating on the motivational quotes that are on every single page of my Fruitful Life Planner! These gems can make a big difference in my mood and intentions for the day. 

Another way my planner keeps me motivated is the fact that my goals are right at the front. Have you ever got to the end of the year and thought “wow i had that as a goal? I did nothing or very minimal towards it!” But this planner gives you the opportunity to look at your goals as much as you want, its right in your face and so keeps it at the fore-front of your mind.

This will keep you motivated to ensure your days are fruitful!


A lot of us spend a lot of money on planners and other tools that will help us be better. As a result, I make it my mission to not let my planner collect dust on my bedside table. 

So I have to write in it and to do this I actually have to think! Now appointments and meetings are easy, you just slot them into their allocated time. Where it gets difficult is planning my time for personal development and planning my tasks for my businesses. It causes me to think and be intentional and so I end up accomplishing things I never would have had I not taken time out to plan! 

You know what they say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail and I understand that now more than ever. 

This is also why I use DATED planners. Last year we released an undated edition of our Fruitful Life Planner but I don’t think we will be doing that again because having dates cause you to be accountable. Each page gives you a fresh day to work with. You will feel guilty if you have missed a whole week of your planner or keep transferring your to-do lists from day to day but if its undated you don’t really care, its like you aren’t moving forward. 


One of my favourite sections of my Fruitful Life Planner is the Daily Gratitude section. When I first started doing this, to my surprise, I found it difficult and that should not be so! 

Being content in life is so key to your emotional health and I strongly believe that to stay content you have to stay grateful. Thinking of one thing each day that you are grateful for shifts your mindset. Trust me, a heart of gratefulness leaves no room for complaining. And you really do not want to be complainer. (Click here to read our previous post of how complaining is form of meditation.)

TIP: Make sure you aren’t writing down the same thing in your daily gratitudes. Push yourself to think! Trust me you will be surprised at how much you are actually grateful for. 

All these things keep me Fruitful. Since creating and using this planner I have been more at peace with my busy-ness because it now produces fruit! 

Thanks so much for reading! Can I challenge you to get fruitful? We still have a few May-December ’17 Fruitful Life Planners.. Invest in one today! 

And if you have a planner already tell me in the comments what you love about your planner or how you keep yourself fruitful?

Complaining is meditation on the wrong thing

Complaining… We’ve all had those days where life gets a little too much and a rant seems acceptable. Sometimes people disappoint us, sometimes life looks like a mess but there’s nothing wrong with venting our feelings, there’s nothing wrong with saying how you feel… Or is there?

We start out with a complaint and realise years down the line that we’ve become complainers. We focus on the negative, we love to play the blame game and our expectation of good becomes so small. And we wonder how did we get here?

Complaining is more than venting. Complaints start from within. Then they become murmurs and then they become a person’s fluent language if not stopped in its tracks. I know this all too well. Not too long ago God brought to my attention a bad habit that I had become desensitised too. I realised I was a person who did not always speak out offence but I would harbour it, chew on it, meditate on it – this is the inward complaining. When you meditate on something it gets bigger.

It amazes me that a whole generation wandered the wilderness for 40 years and was wiped out because of their constant complaining (have a read through the book of Numbers). God had set His people free from Egypt where they were in bondage. They were taken through but God provided for them (Deuteronomy 29:5). They complained about thirst, they complained about hunger and they even wished they had stayed in Egypt, in the ‘comfort’ of bondage. Do you know why God disliked their complaining and He cringes at ours? Complaining is cousins with disbelief and disbelief is lack of faith. Without faith we can’t please God. Our constant complaining tells God the situation is bigger than Him.

In your business, in your family, job and life as a whole, constant complaining is a contamination to your success. When you choose to mediate on the negative, it gets magnified and it becomes your language, which then forms your world. Will you have a successful business if you keep complaining about hard it is? Will you get promoted if you keep complaining about hard it is?

Let’s look at 3 things you should be cautious about when it comes to complaining.. 

1 – Complaining about lost time

First all complaining about lost time is a waste of even more time. We spend too much time thinking about what we should have done and what we could have done. The time is gone! We can’t do anything about it now. I used to be that person. I would say “if only I knew what I know now, back then. I know I would be further ahead.” We need to transfer that misery into the joy of taking advantage of now. Now is the only thing certain. Take time to reflect and evaluate, like looking at the rear view mirror in the car. You need to then look forward and decide what you will do now, that’s looking on the road ahead. If you stare at the rear view mirror you’re at risk of getting into an accident. I tell myself this when I start to feel myself going back to my old ways – do what you can while you can with what you have. 

2 – Complaining when offended

Offence will come, Jesus said this. How do you handle offence? Do you tend to sit on it or harbour it like I used to. Harbouring offence is unhealthy for your spirit because it breeds bitterness and bitterness is a poison that kills the harborer, not the offender. We are allowed to feel hurt and offended. We are human, however because you have great things ahead, you can’t hold onto it.

Pray or pray and express, that’s what I say:

Pray about how you feel, offended or hurt, and choose to let go and let God (Matthew 5:43-48).

You can also approach the person and appropriately express your offence then choose to let go and let God (Matthew 5:23-24).

That means after all is said and done we must choose to stop meditating on it and replaying the video of the offence. Some of us have been through some real situations in our life and it feels hard to move on. This why we have grace and we have the word of God. Asking for grace and strength will empower you supernaturally to move forward and having the word of God gives you something healthy to meditate on instead of complaining.

3 – Complaining in groups

Be very vigilant about the company you keep. The Bible says bad company corrupts good character and similarly negative company corrupts positivity. What is the common language of those you spend the most time with? Your friends influence you and when you decide what type of influence you want in your life, making a decision about the proximity of certain individuals in your life becomes easier.

When you tell your friends about a challenge in your life how do they respond? Are they solution-orientated or do you leave the conversation feeling deeper into the hole than when you started? I cannot boast in having many friends however those I have chosen to have a friendship with all contribute something to my life.

Sometimes complaining and self-pity feels comfortable. It tends to feel better when you’re doing it with someone else. Although it can be a comfortable place it is a stifling and non-progressive place. Don’t allow yourself to sit with a friend remaining in the cycle of complaints. Break that cycle.

I hope this has meant something to you. Don’t be hindered or stop by a complaining spirit. Be great.

Thanks for reading! Comment and share, share, share!!

If you had to make a choice between success or failure which one would you pick? Sounds like a silly question to ask right? Most people aspire to be something growing up, whether that be a doctor or a lawyer, teacher, writer, singer, footballer, the list is endless. However, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say, “when I grow up, I want to be a failure”. Don’t get me wrong in life we may experience failures and setbacks that when handled correctly can actually push us towards our goals and dreams (which is another topic in itself), but I’m sure the desired end destination isn’t ever failure. Yet so many are casually driving towards that destination and are doing nothing to stop, turn around and change direction. Who in their right mind chooses to head towards failure? I recently came across a quote by Danni Johnson that I think sums up the problem.

“We do not intentionally groom ourselves to fail but we have not done enough to ensure that we succeed.

What I like about this quote is that it not only highlights the problem but presents us with the solution. That is, to avoid failure we must start modelling success, intentionally doing things that will lead us to success. This is definitely easier said and done and you may be wondering where do I start? So let’s start with what success is!

I believe we are all born with purpose. God had a thought, a plan, an idea so epic and amazing that it motivated our birth. Because of that there is a unique contribution that our lives are to make in this world. Therefore, success to me is discovering what that is and doing it. Now that may seem like a lot but God has given us unique abilities, skills and talents to achieve this. There really is so much potential inside of us, but as much as we have potential there is also a thing called unfulfilled potential and there is nothing worse than unfulfilled potential.

In December 2015, I realised I was so far reaching my potential. I had dreams and aspirations but I was living life so passively, going to work every day, coming home and eating, watching TV, spending hours on the phone either gisting or scrolling Instagram, sleeping then starting all over again.


I knew I had to change the way I was living but I wasn’t quite sure how. I started reading a book by John C Maxwell called the 15 invaluable laws of growth (highly recommended). In this book I learnt a very simple but major lesson that has completely changed my priorities and the way I live. That is, in order to reach your potential you must grow! If you want your life to improve if you want to be successful you must improve yourself, learning to work harder on yourself than you do your job.

I have learnt that there is only a thin veil that separates the average person from the excellent person, the successful person. The successful person realises that they are their most valuable asset and works hard on their personal development. So if you want to see amazing things happen in your life, if you want to be all God created you to be and fulfil your God given purpose you really cannot afford to not grow. This may be simple to understand butnot necessarily easy to do, I have found it challenging at times but this business of personal development is a life-long thing, if you just stick with it you will see the fruit of this commitment.

Here are three useful tips to get started:


No one improves by accident! Personal growth is not something that just happens. No matter how much you wish to grow you will only get out of it what you put in. You must take complete ownership of your growth, stop waiting to be the person you want to become and start being! Start doing something.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

Your daily habits are either preparing you for either an average or extra-ordinary life. So if you want change your life you have to change something that you do every day. Ask yourself what can you commit to everyday that will aid your growth, that will push you closer towards your goals and your dreams. If you’re not sure what to do study the habits of successful people and do that.


“Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure.” Jim Rohn   

Many times, the only thing standing between where you are now and where you want to be is your excuses. We can come up with a million reasons not to do something but the truth is if you really want to do something you’ll have to find a way to just do it. Whatever the excuse whether legitimate or not CHALLENGE IT! This will mean sometimes telling your emotions or your fears to keep quiet!

If you had to make a choice between success or failure which one would you pick? It’s not that much of a silly question when you really think about it, what it involves, the sacrifices you’ll have to make, the bad habits you’ll have to give up and the new one’s you’ll have to start.

But I encourage you to make the right choice today and start living in a way that fully aligns with that choice.

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