Cocoon is a boutique lifestyle brand by 24 year old Mary-Funbi, a girl with a passion for igniting faith and fruitfulness in women around the world through the products she creates and now through this blog!

We are strong believers in ‘creating your own environment’. In a world that is constantly controlling what we see, telling us what to to think, what to watch and how to feel, it is vital that we are intentional about creating our own an environment, one where we can develop into the best version of us, kind of like a Cocoon, hence the name!

This blog is for the millennial christian women. Our main focus is Faith, Fruitfulness & Business. These 3 topics are the basis of our business and we hope to help your lifestyle to have these 3 important things.

If you are an experienced writer / blogger and wish to do a guest post or be a regular contributor, please click contact us and drop us a message!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Reading!