1. Who is your target market? I would define your target market as the reason why you created your brand. View your brand as the solution to a person’s need or problem. What makes your business or brand different from other businesses out there? Knowing and accurately identifying your target market gives your brand a focus that aids in keeping your business on track. Before launching that business or brand think of WHO you’re launching it for and what problem it solves.


  1. Starting your business takes sacrifice. Yes, freebies are greatly appreciated when building that business for the first time. Free photoshoots and investments are always great but YOU need to invest into YOUR business. At the beginning of something it usually takes more sacrifice than reward. It takes money to make money. Prepare yourself for investing more money into your business than you expected. I would suggest making sure you have a capital and this is where your money to invest into your business comes from.

“It takes money to make money!”

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  1. Law of Attraction! Who do you want your business to attract? As a start-up or relatively new business, collaborating with other start-up businesses may not be the best thing to do. Get your business or brand around those that inspire you. Those that can propel your business or brand to its next stage. Collaborate and partner with brands or other businesses that have a good following, reputation and ethos so it can benefit your business as well. And in turn attract your target market.

  1. Know your worth! If your building a business that means that your desire is for it to bring you a level of income, right? That means that the freebies need to stop. The compromising of your prices to suit a potential client that doesn’t even fit into your target market need to end. Don’t get me wrong, providing freebies isn’t always a bad thing but why not provide a freebie to another business or brand that matters! A business or brand that can help you. YouTube, for example is bursting with people that can advertise your product or service and spread the word to their own following. If you have a price stick to it! It is all about finding the balance.


  1. Launch your business when you know it is ready! It’s easy for us to be caught up in the excitement of our new and creative business ideas but when we launch them for the world, can we remain consistent? In most cases, we do not. The posts stop, the excitement dims down and the business gradually becomes something that we regret starting because we haven’t provided what we said we would. Plan, research and plan! This is why your target market is so important. Who are you aiming your social media content to? Can you see a future for your business or brand? Will it still be needed five years from now? Carefully build the foundation of your business away from the worlds eyes and bring a light to it when you know it can thrive! Patience is key!