• We have a access to a global market in the palm of our hands! 

This is a massive advantage that no other generation really had and I think we underestimate the power we have. Everyday we are engaging with brands on a deep level through various social media platforms. Brands by big corporations and brands by Bob down the street. Everything and everyone is online now. The normalisation of smart phones has made the internet has such a powerful tool. Do you know how much people pay for billboards or tv adverts?! Crazy amounts of money. But now me and you can share our views, ideas, products, services online today and people in the next room or halfway across the world can view it in SECONDS. And all for FREE? I think thats pretty amazing and something we should all take advantage of. 

  • We are drowning in resources!

Following on from the first point, what would we do without the internet! When I started Cocoon, I didn’t know how to design, I certainly didn’t know how to put a website together or how to brand or market my business! I was pretty clueless actually. But thank God for people who decided to create content and share it on the world wide web teaching people like me and you how to do these things. I googled my fingers off and spend hours watching videos and reading articles. There is so much out there and it strips away all our excuses! I learnt that I had to be committed to learning now that so many resources are readily available.

  • You owe it to yourself.

Yes you do! You owe it to yourself to create something that could lead you to financial freedom. You owe it to yourself to build something you can pass on to your children, something that will make a mark for you here on earth! God has deposited in all of us great gifts and talents and if you are able to make a living out of it, then why not! So often I hear the quote that the richest place in the world is the grave, because people die with all their talents/gifts/business ideas etc still in them! What a waste that would be. You still have the power to ensure that does not happen to you and that you leave this earth having emptied yourself of all God has hidden in you. 

And guess what .. I think you owe it to the world too. Think of some popular companies we use regularly, Coca-Cola, Uber, Apple.. imagine how different the world would be if they never took a leap of faith and started something..

So that business idea you have been toying with, put it on paper and make it happen!

Thanks for reading!

Mary xo