“We are called to be fruitful, NOT BUSY.”

When I first heard this, it gripped me! If I had a pound for every time I used the word ‘busy’ I’d probably be a millionaire by now.. But I’m not. And that’s because my busy did not produce fruit. There was a lot of activity but not a lot of productivity. I decided to make a change and ensure there was real tangible results from all the hustle bustle of life.


Here are 3 ways the Fruitful Life Planner has changed my life: 


Have you ever been to an event / seminar or even church and left feeling so on top of the world, so full of life, so inspired and motivated …. ?

Yeah, me too! 

A few days later though?

Let’s be real.. it often dies down. 

Imagine if you could feel that same zeal that you feel right after a inspirational event everyday! Imagine how much you could get done.

Motivation / Inspiration is like our fuel to get things done! Imagine a car only getting petrol once every few months. That must mean the car isn’t really going many places, right? This year more than anything I have learnt that us humans need motivation DAILY. 

And I try to get this a few ways, prayer & bible study (pls don’t skip this one, if there is no God in what you are doing, there is no fruit regardless!) and listening to motivational messages on YouTube and Periscope. But the quickest and easiest thing I do is  reading and meditating on the motivational quotes that are on every single page of my Fruitful Life Planner! These gems can make a big difference in my mood and intentions for the day. 

Another way my planner keeps me motivated is the fact that my goals are right at the front. Have you ever got to the end of the year and thought “wow i had that as a goal? I did nothing or very minimal towards it!” But this planner gives you the opportunity to look at your goals as much as you want, its right in your face and so keeps it at the fore-front of your mind.

This will keep you motivated to ensure your days are fruitful!


A lot of us spend a lot of money on planners and other tools that will help us be better. As a result, I make it my mission to not let my planner collect dust on my bedside table. 

So I have to write in it and to do this I actually have to think! Now appointments and meetings are easy, you just slot them into their allocated time. Where it gets difficult is planning my time for personal development and planning my tasks for my businesses. It causes me to think and be intentional and so I end up accomplishing things I never would have had I not taken time out to plan! 

You know what they say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail and I understand that now more than ever. 

This is also why I use DATED planners. Last year we released an undated edition of our Fruitful Life Planner but I don’t think we will be doing that again because having dates cause you to be accountable. Each page gives you a fresh day to work with. You will feel guilty if you have missed a whole week of your planner or keep transferring your to-do lists from day to day but if its undated you don’t really care, its like you aren’t moving forward. 


One of my favourite sections of my Fruitful Life Planner is the Daily Gratitude section. When I first started doing this, to my surprise, I found it difficult and that should not be so! 

Being content in life is so key to your emotional health and I strongly believe that to stay content you have to stay grateful. Thinking of one thing each day that you are grateful for shifts your mindset. Trust me, a heart of gratefulness leaves no room for complaining. And you really do not want to be complainer. (Click here to read our previous post of how complaining is form of meditation.)

TIP: Make sure you aren’t writing down the same thing in your daily gratitudes. Push yourself to think! Trust me you will be surprised at how much you are actually grateful for. 

All these things keep me Fruitful. Since creating and using this planner I have been more at peace with my busy-ness because it now produces fruit! 

Thanks so much for reading! Can I challenge you to get fruitful? We still have a few May-December ’17 Fruitful Life Planners.. Invest in one today! 

And if you have a planner already tell me in the comments what you love about your planner or how you keep yourself fruitful?